In 2012 I was working in a publishing house in Mason, OH. Like many of us, I was coming to my office every Monday morning and asking myself, “is this the job and career that will define me? Will I be able to look back with no regrets?” I knew the answer to my question, but fear of the unknown is often more powerful than any rational thought of a plan for a happier future. In the meantime, something special was happening in Cincinnati – and I knew I wanted in.

I decided that year that I was going to try something new. Not to pursue a change in my career or pursue monetary gain, but a project pursuing happier days. See, the answer to my question was not my career or pay, but rather a desire to change the way I was spending 40 hours of my week. One day I looked up and I see an entire city in front of my eyes making a change for the better. If a whole city can organized itself for this larger project, I could certainly do that too.

Urbana Cafe was born in 2013 and it has fulfilled my days ever since. I now look back and I am thankful that I was able to overcome my own fears and do something about it. Now, after almost 10 years in business the goal is the same – but the scope is much larger. This is no longer my story, this is our story. We need to be true to our employees, customers, city, and global environment. We need to be able to contribute in a meaningful way and conduct business that gives more than what it takes away. Our story is now full of very talented people that makes us better, challenge us, and have a common goal of being a contributor of the city we love so much.